I was born in Rome in 1958

Musical education
> Diploma in Composition
(St Cecilia Conservatory, Rome, 1987).
> Diploma in Choral Music and Choir Conducting
(St Cecilia Conservatory, Rome, 1988).

Specialization courses
> Composition Workshop by Karlheinz Stockhausen,
Villa Medici, Rome, 1982.
> Composition Workshop by Salvatore Sciarrino,
St Cecilia Conservatory, Rome, 1986.
> Film music Workshop by Carlo Savina and Mario Nascimbene,
Latina, 1988.
> Film music Workshop by Ennio Morricone,
Chigiana Academy, Siena, 1991.

Educational and conduction activities
> Collaboration and concerts with choirs; madrigal, operatic and jazz vocal ensembles (1979/94).
> Collaboration with the Teatro dell'Orologio (as "onstage pianist"), Rome, 1984.
> Collaboration with "Fondazione Rossini" in Pesaro, 1986.
> Music teacher in a number of Middle Schools in Rome (1987/89).
> Complementary Harmony teacher at the Conservatory of Rodi Garganico (1989).
> Conductor of the ensemble “Orchextra Romana” (1996/97).
> Conductor of the polyphonic choir of Associazione musicale Ampem in Rome (1992/93).

Since 1990 employed at the Music Department of the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (Società Italiana Autori Editori - SIAE).

Performers of my music:
> Polyphonic choir “Citta' di Tolentino”
conducted by Aldo Cicconofri
> Polyphonic choirs “Musicanova” and “Coro Iride”
conducted by Fabrizio Barchi
> Polyphonic choir “Città di Roma”
conducted by Mauro Marchetti
> Ensemble vocale “Calycanthus”
conducted by Pietro Ferrario
> Polyphonic choir “Magerit” in Madrid
conducted by Enrique Filiu O’Reilly
> Polyphonic choirs “Coro G” and “Torinovocalensemble”
conducted by Carlo Pavese
> Chamber ensemble of the Centro Universitario Musicale in Cagliari
> Polyphonic choir “Studium Canticum” in Cagliari
conducted by Stefania Pineider
> Orchestra vocale salernitana “Numeri Primi”
conducted by Alessandro Cadario
> Ensemble vocale "Michelangeli"
conducted by Barbara Sartorio
> Coro giovanile “Lavinium”
conducted by Fabrizio Vestri
> “St.Jacob Chamber Choir” in Stockholm
conducted by Gary Graden
> Vocal group “Ensemble del Giglio”
conducted by Livio Cavallo
> “Falu Kammarkor” from Dalecarlia (Sweden)
conducted by Tony Margeta

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>“Special prize” from the jury at the Concorso internazionale di musica per film (International
Competition for film music), supervised by Mario Nascimbene and Carlo Savina (Latina, 1988).
> Premio “Nuova musica” for the piece Scivolando sui muri dei nostri grigi corpi, performed by the “Coro
Iride” of Rome, conducted by Fabrizio Barchi (Zagarolo, 2005).
> Gary Graden chooses the piece Scivolando sui muri dei nostri grigi corpi as one of the works to be
studied in the workshop “La musica corale contemporanea in Europa” (San Candido, 2003).
> The piece “Riuscirà la nostra voce” has been selected at the International Festival “Europa Cantat”
(Torino 2012) and performed by Dani Juris (Finland) on the occasion of the Atelier “Made in Italy”.
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